The Living Room and Bodies Intersect Buildings at IPADÉ

A collaboration between architecture faculty and students, this event takes place on May 15 at the NLÉ-designed "A Prelude to the Shed" pop-up event venue on 10th Avenue and 31st Street in Manhattan. The three-hour event takes place during a two-day social gathering, IPADÉ, hosted by former Visiting Critic Kunlé Adeyemi of NLÉ Works, architect of the temporary performance space.

Taking full advantage of the reconfigurable nature of the architecture, a series of small living room spaces will be playfully arranged to host talks moderated by the Cornell AAP Living Room student team. Prior to the lecture, a public open practice performance by Bodies Intersect Buildings will configure the shed into a large scale "urban living room."

The theme of the lecture event is material consciousness across territories. Engaging a diverse range of conceptual approaches, recent built and theoretical projects by AAP Department of Architecture faculty push the boundaries of sustainable material practices, ecology, and politics in architecture. In two conversational living room sessions, Cornell AAP faculty will expand on the potential of materially conscious approaches in architecture across a broad range of conceptual and physical territories.

The Living Room Lecture Participants

  • OMG!, the collaboration of Visiting Critic Martin Miller's firm Antistatics and Edgar A. Tafel Associate Professor Caroline O'Donnell's firm CODA, in conversation about recycling, pollution, and territory with Tao DuFour, visiting assistant professor, and incoming Assistant Professor Samia Henni
  • Visiting Critic Leslie Lok and Assistant Professor Sasa Zivkovic, principals of HANNAH, in conversation about concrete, modernism, and translation with Associate Professor Esra Akcan

The Living Room Performance

  • Visiting Critic Danica Selem in collaboration with Cornell seminar students, guest musicians, and the public

Event Organizers

IPADÉ Overview

In advance of the 2019 opening of The Shed, New York's first multiarts center for artistic invention, IPADÉ is a two-day social gathering at the NLÉ designed temporary performance space and part of A Prelude to the Shed, a 12-day, free event that features panel discussions, music, and dance performances. IPADÉ (Yoruba for gathering) will be a moment of forward-thinking discussions to inspire people from all walks of life to share, celebrate, and contemplate the intersections of the arts, humanity, sustainability through knowledge exchange, food, music, and entertainment. Partners will have the opportunity to accelerate future dialogue through their unique participation as the event brings together under one roof a diverse and inclusive network of leaders and influencers together with upcoming artists and young talents, particularly those of African descent and the diaspora.

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