Linda Farthing and Tom Perreault: Benjamin Kohl Memorial

Department of City and Regional Planning Professional Planning Colloquium

Benjamin Kohl was a mechanic and academic who was granted his Ph.D. from Cornell's Department of City and Regional Planning and who taught for 10 years at Temple University until his death in July 2013.

Linda Farthing

Evo’s Bolivia: Continuity and Change

Linda Farthing is a writer and educator with 25 years of experience in Latin America as a solidarity activist, study abroad director, film field producer, and journalist/independent scholar. She is the coauthor of three books with Kohl: From the Mines to the Streets: An Activist's Life, Impasse in Bolivia: Neoliberal Hegemony, and Social Resistance and Evo's Bolivia: Continuity and Change.

When Evo Morales came to power in 2006, expectations were high that Bolivia's first indigenous president would transform the country. Based on a forthcoming book written with Ben Kohl, Farthing’s talk will examine how well Morales and his movement towards Socialism has done in achieving goals of greater equality and inclusion in South America's poorest country.

Tom Perreault

Political Ecologies of Extraction in Post-Multicultural Bolivia

Tom Perreault is associate professor of geography at Syracuse University. His research examines resource extraction, water governance, agrarian politics, and indigenous-campesino social movements in the Andean region. Perreault will examine the social, political, and environmental implications of Bolivia's ongoing dependence on resource extraction (gas, oil, and minerals). Using water contamination as an analytical lens, the talk examines the ways in which relations of dependency and social exclusion have been reproduced in contemporary Bolivia.

There will be a question and answer session in Sibley Hall, room 115 from 2–3 p.m.

Cosponsored by Engaged Learning and Research, CUSLAR
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