LGDF/Cultivating Space: Mid-Levels

LGDF/Cultivating Space: Mid-Levels

LGDF/Cultivating Space: Mid-Levels Photography by Emily Mayo

AAP Spring 2014 Exhibitions and Events

LGDF/Cultivating Space: Mid-Levels at Milstein Hall explores the dramatic and psychological imaginings of a space conceived by dancers and pedestrians together. What does it mean to take a dance performance outside of the theater, to create a stage that is suddenly unbound, to have dancers occupy the vertical and layered planes and corridors of traffic in Milstein Hall? Dancing on top of one another, sweeping across passers-by, engaging serendipitous spectators — all challenge our preconceptions of the physical function of a restless, occupied space and question how we construct meaning from our movements as defined by the architecture of the space. Different planes of dancing evoke different levels of urban living — spatial levels generated by the vertical and horizontal crowding of contemporary urban living as well as temporal levels. Each of us has a history, a kind of archaeology, layer on layer: we can imagine ourselves as instantly present all the time, but we also understand that we each live on top of the past, and that the future rests on our shoulders. Mid-Levels challenges us to not only move forward and back, but to travel up and down, on elevators, highways, and bridges of our imagination.

Directed by Jumay Chu and E.D. Intemann. This event is part of a larger project supported by PMA and CCA to be performed at the Schwartz Center, May 1–3, 2014.

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