Lara Baladi: Art and Revolution

Lara Baladi was born in Beirut, raised in Cairo and Paris, and educated in London. She has lived and worked in Egypt since 1997, has conducted archival research as a member of the Arab Image Foundation, directed magazine editorials, and curated exhibitions and artist residences. Her work published and exhibited worldwide ranges from photography, video, prints, and visual montages and collages, to installations, architectural constructions, tapestries, and perfume. Baladi won first prize (the Grand Nile Award) at the Cairo Biennale 20008/09 for her ephemeral construction and sound installation Borg El Amal (the Tower of Hope). In 2011, during the Egyptian uprising, Baladi became the cultural/artistic curator and outreach director for Radio Tahrir, as well as the cofounder and organizer of Tahrir Cinema.

Sponsored by the Department of Art; Clarke Initiative For Law and Development in the Middle East and North Africa; and the Institute for Comparative Modernities
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