Kylie Corwin: Blue Baüm: My Home, My Trees

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"On August 14, 2004, the eastern seaboard experienced a statewide power outage: a blackout. It was the day my family moved into our home, the blue house on the corner, seven houses down and around from the first house my parents bought when they were 23 years old on Fairview Avenue. I loved the Fairview house. My dad promised me a dollhouse if I agreed to move into the new blue house. 

The blue house had 18 trees when we moved in." 

~Kylie Corwin (B.F.A. '18)

Blue Baüme; My Home, My Trees is a collection of works that remembers and intimately illustrates the reciprocal dialogue between the adolescent and the family through the careful observations of a house cradled in trees. The exhibition features work from Kylie Corwin (B.F.A. '18).

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