Kevin Walker '00: We Own It!

Seminar on International Planning

We Own It! The Promise, the Process, and the Impact of Resident Ownership in Manufactured Home Communities
Kevin Sherper Walker is a housing development manager at Northcountry Cooperative Development Fund, a Minneapolis-based nonprofit that provides educational and technical assistance for the development and strengthening of cooperative organizations. He has worked on and led a wide range of cooperative housing projects, from development of new senior housing cooperatives to conversion of expired Low Income Housing Tax Credit projects, prospective conversions of USDA Section 515 projects, adaptive reuse projects, and the focus of his presentation: conversion of manufactured home communities to resident ownership. Walker has been centrally involved in the work leading to the creation the first four resident-owned manufactured home cooperatives in Minnesota, beginning with Sunrise Villa Cooperative in Cannon Falls. In addition, as a senior project coordinator for the city of Minneapolis, he has worked on supportive housing, SRO projects, proposed Low Income Housing Tax Credit new-construction projects, and senior housing proposals. Later as the city's manager of multifamily housing, he helped shape city policy priorities and responses to the dramatic shifts in the housing market and the foreclosures in impacted parts of the city. He is currently cochair of the Manufactured Housing Working Group, an ongoing forum of affordable housing funders, advocates, and lenders active in the Twin Cities and Minnesota markets, seeking to expand opportunity for residents of manufactured housing communities, by broadening understanding of this unique housing sector and needs for policy change.

Cosponsored by the Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies