Kelly Shannon and Bruno De Meulder: Water Urbanisms East: New Vietnamese Experiments

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Department of Architecture Fall 2014 Lecture Series

Kelly Shannon is a professor at the Institute of Urbanism and Landscape, Oslo School of Architecture and Design in Norway. She and Bruno De Meulder are coeditors of the book series UFO: Explorations in Urbanism (Park Books, Zurich), in which is published, amongst others, Water Urbanisms East. Their design research takes place in Research Urbanism and Architecture (RUA), which seeks innovative interplays of landscape, infrastructure, and urbanization that respond to contemporary challenges, while critically evaluating the performance and capacity of existing contexts.

Bruno De Meulder studied architecture at Leuven University in Belgium, where he now teaches urbanism. His doctoral research dealt with the history of Belgian colonial urbanism in Congo (1880–1960) and laid the basis for a widening interest in colonial and postcolonial urbanism. Publications include De Kampen van Kongo: Arbeid, Kapitaal, en Rasveredeling in de Koloniale Planning (1996) and Kuvuande Mbote: Een eeuw koloniale architectuur en stedenbouw in Kongo (2000). He is currently developing an intercontinental history of colonial and postcolonial urbanism that will deal with countries including Congo, Indonesia, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Together with Shannon he worked on the master plan of Cantho and Ca Mau in Vietnam.

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