Karine Bonneval: Vertimus

Man wearing black hat, blue shirt, tan pants leaning to the left to listen into a funnel of dirt.

Listen to the soil (2017), sounded soil sculptures, GlogauAir, Berlin. photo / provided

"Vertimus: We turn around, we turn upside down, we change, we switch, we transform."

~Tagline from Vertimus project website

How to regain empathy for the nonhuman? Karine Bonneval is interested in plant otherness and the complex interactions that bind humans and plants. Since 2014, she has collaborated with plant ecologists to explore the links between the vernacular and technologies. During a one-month residency in Cornell's soil and crop science section she developed pieces around our possible interactions with plants, root systems, and different forms of life in soil. The exhibition includes outdoor art installations that she is building with students Kimberly Garcia '22; Shiyi Li '15, M.S. '18; and KAR Robison '20 on Cornell's Ag Quad.

This exhibition was cosponsored by Professor Johannes Lehmann, a soil biogeochemist at the soil and crop science section, School of Integrative Plant Sciences, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

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