Juliette Dubroca, Zachary Tyler Newton, and Damien Faure: Pacing Space

Pacing Space

Pacing Space, produced by Juliette Dubroca (M.Arch. '10) and Zachary Tyler Newton (M.Arch. '10) in association with Damien Faure, is an exploration in drawing, photography, and film of unique threshold conditions in contemporary Japanese housing.

The houses featured in this exhibition display characteristic ambiguities regarding transitions from public to private. Rather than a binary in or out, boundaries seem blurred, programs juxtaposed, views layered, and spatial sequences choreographed. In dense urban Tokyo the effect maximizes a sense of space on small, constricted sites; in more suburban Himeji it continually reinforces a dialogue between the historic castle town and modern dwelling. In both cases these ingenious manipulations engender zones of shifting occupancy and thereby generate ways to economize on area without sacrificing space.

A special thanks to Associate Professor Lily Chi, architecture, Associate Professor Leonard Mirin, architecture, and Assistant Professor Aleksandr Mergold, architecture, for their generous encouragement and criticism, along with Visiting Associate Professor Mark Morris, architecture, Iroha Ito, and Lindsay Lavine for their support in making this exhibition a reality.

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