Julia Draganovic: Reconfiguring PAN: Curatorial Programs for the Palazzo delle Arti Napoli

Cornell in Rome Spring 2008 Lecture Series

Julia Draganovic, artistic director of the Palazzo delle Arti Napoli (PAN), is a well-known figure on the international contemporary art scene.  Born in Hamburg, Germany, she has served as Director of the Chelsea Art Museum, N.Y., Curator for the Province of Modena, Italy, and Artistic Director of the Kuratorium Schloss Ettersburg, Germany.  Draganovic has curated and organized exhibitions, theatre performances, conferences and workshops for international festivals and programs, and she has written for art journals and edited numerous publications on contemporary art. Her current position in Naples is her most ambitious to date.  She says that “art, architecture, design, theatre, music and literature exist together in a permanent cross over.  My exhibitions and projects revolve around the concept of site specific, around the idea that the work of art should relate to its context and surroundings.” Two fundamental concepts contribute to making PAN a center of production and encounter between the various contemporary vocabularies:  invitations to artists to create the works specifically for PAN or around a particular theme that relates to Naples; and projects that involve spectators through workshops and interactive programs.

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