Judith Martin: NRP, HCW, LC: Twin Cities Planning Insights

Professional Planning Colloquium

Judith Martin is a professor of geography and director of the urban studies program at the University of Minnesota. Broadly urban in scope, Martin’s research and teaching never focuses on one particular issue or question, or even in one particular discipline. She has taught, researched, and published in diverse areas: traditional urban geographical questions (Twin Cities governance), landscape and cultural concerns (historical preservation, urban design), and, increasingly, comparative urban issues. Martin was president of the Minneapolis City Planning Commission for eight years, and a member for 15. She has often used the Twin Cities as a base for her work, due to her belief that too much urban research ignores the experiences of the most typical of American urban areas. She is currently the editor of Metropolitan Portraits book series (University of Pennsylvania Press). She is interested in a wide range of urban/cultural geography questions, and enjoys working with students including many from outside geography, who share some of these wide-ranging interests. Martin holds a master of arts and a doctorate in American studies and a master of arts in American history, all from the University of Minnesota.

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