Judith Clifton: The Coming of Age of the Infrastructure Multinationals

Department of City and Regional Planning Professional Planning Colloquium

Judith Clifton is a senior lecturer in applied economics at the University of Cantabria, Spain. Clifton received her doctorate in political economy from the University of Oxford (St Antony´s College). Since then, she has lectured at the universities of Oxford, Leeds, and Oviedo. She has been visiting research scholar at El Colegio de México, Instituto Universitario Ortega y Gasset-Madrid, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas-Madrid, and the European University Institute-Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies-Florence.

Her research interests include privatization and regulatory reform of the public sector, particularly utilities, and economic policy reform in general. She has recently published in international journals including Business History, Review of International Political Economy, and the Journal of European Public Policy and Public Management Review. She is editor-in-chief of the Journal of Economic Policy Reform and the Spanish representative from 2009 for social science and humanities of European cooperation in science and technology.

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