Jose Oubrerie: Architecture Interruptus

Architecture Department Lecture Series

José Oubrerie is a French architect, author, and professor at Ohio State University’s Austin E. Knowlton School of Architecture. He is founding principal of the firm Atelier Wylde-Oubrerie in Columbus, Ohio. Oubrerie studied architecture at the Ecole Nationale Superiéure des Beaux-Arts in Paris and painting at the School of Fine Arts in Nantes, France. As an apprentice to Le Corbusier, Oubrerie helped develop the designs for the church of Saint-Pierre de Firminy in France, the last of Le Corbusier's unfinished projects. The church was originally commissioned in 1960 as part of a redevelopment scheme for the former mining town. Under Oubrerie's direction, it was completed in 2006. The structure is noted for its expert use of concrete, dynamic interplay of form, as well as its natural-lighting effects. Other works by Oubrerie include the Miller Residence in Lexington, Kentucky; the French Cultural Center in Damascus, Syria; and the reconstruction of Le Corbusier's L'Esprit Nouveau exhibit hall in Bologna, Italy, with Giuliano Gresleri.

An exhibition of drawings, photographs, and a model of L'Eglise Saint-Pierre de Firminy-Vert will be on display in the John Hartell Gallery from April 7 to 11.

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