John Friedmann The Invisible Web: Place and Place-Making in Cities

Place is an elusive subject to catch in the web of words. In his talk, Friedmann will attempt to capture this mysterious quality of "placeness" as a concept, talk about how it is formed, how it relates to our lives, and what might be its significance for planning.

John Friedmann is Professor emeritus in the School of Public Affairs at UCLA, and Honorary Professor in the School of Community and Regional Planning at the University of British Columbia (Vancouver). In 2006, he was Visiting Chair Professor at the National Taiwan University. He holds Honorary Doctorates from the Catholic University of Chile and Dortmund University (Germany) and has recently been awarded the first UN-Habitat Lecture Award for his contributions to the theory and practice of human settlements. In 1988, he received the Distinguished Planning Educator Award of the American Collegiate Schools of Planning. Among his recent publications are China’s Urban Transition (University of Minnesota Press, 2005), “Globalization and the Emerging Culture of Planning” (Progress in Planning, 2005), and The Prospect of Cities (University of Minnesota Press, 2002). “Reflections on Place and Place-making in the Cities of China” is forthcoming in the International Journal for Urban and Regional Research. His writings have been translated into Chinese, Farsi, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese.


He also translates poetry from the Spanish, Portuguese, and German.



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