Joan Fitzgerald: Emerald Cities

Joan Fitzgerald is professor and director of the Law, Policy, and Society program at Northeastern University. She is currently working on a book Emerald Cities: Leading the Way in Green Urban Economic Development, which addresses the link between greenhouse gas reduction strategies and economic development. Emerald Cities builds on her previous book, Economic Revitalization: Strategies and Cases for City and Suburb, which identifies strategies for incorporating sustainability and social justice goals into urban economic development planning. Her work is part of the Emerald Cities Project, which examines how cities and states can create economic development opportunities in renewable energy, green building, and "clean tech." Fitzgerald's research also looks at the planning process for greenhouse gas reduction initiatives in European and U.S. cities. The initiatives include energy efficiency measures, regulating new buildings, brownfield redevelopment, renewable energy, public transportation, waste stream reduction, and others. Previously, Fitzgerald taught urban policy and public affairs at the New School University, the University of Illinois at Chicago, and Ohio State University.

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