Jenn Houle: Biophilia: A Collection of Animal Pelts

Work by Jenn Houle

Installation shot from Biophilia.

Born from a deep respect for the complexity of survival, Jenn Houle’s (M.F.A. '15) work focuses on trophic levels in nature and ecological imbalances such as threatened, endangered and invasive species. Her practice is rooted in research of the behavior, diet, anatomy, and cultural myths of animals. As she forages through this rich information, it leads her to a variety of material and conceptual investigations. In her installation work she uses a multitude of individually crafted organisms drafted from a variety of made, found, and reused materials. Creating small elements has led to her ability to reorder, layer, and build out into space — a practice that is cyclical in its nature.

Houle’s passion for the environment stems from growing up in New Hampshire, camping, skiing, swimming, and hiking, activities that continue to enrich her practice today.  Boston became her second home after earning a B.F.A in painting at Massachusetts College of Art. She is an alumna of the Artist’s Professional Toolbox Program and the Vermont Studio Center. Select exhibitions include: Montserrat College of Art, Caladan Gallery, Art at 12, Lynn Arts, and the 808 Gallery as well as an exhibit at the Chazan Gallery in January 2014.

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