Jaume Mayol and Irene Pérez: ROOTS

Lecture by Ted'A: Jaume Mayol and Irene Pérez

Edgar A. Tafel Lecture Series

Irene Pérez and Jaume Mayol are founders of TEd'A arquitectes, a studio based in Mallorca, Spain. TEd'A arquitectes has received several awards, including being shortlisted for the FAD awards 2011 and 2013, receiving the first prize in the Mallorca Architectural awards 2011–13, and first prize in the AJAC awards for both the best built work and the best non-built project. More recently they won the first prize for an international competition for building a school in Orsonnens, Switzerland.

"Our practice has always made work that is related to things that we have seen before. We are interested in the emotional effect that buildings can have. We are interested in how buildings have been built in the past and how new constructions can achieve an equivalent formal and material presence.

We feel more comfortable than we once did to follow these traditions quite closely. Anything that can contribute to the fragile continuities between the contemporary situation and past architectures is worth the effort. It is only by understanding and reflecting on the past that architecture can continue to be a relevant social and artistic discipline."

~ From "Traditions," The Feeling of Things by Adam Caruso

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