Jarrett Earnest: Emotional Formalism: Feelings and Visual Language

van Gogh, emotional formalism

Vincent van Gogh, Madame Roulin and her Baby (1888).

Jarrett Earnest is an artist and writer living in New York. He cofounded 1:1, an aesthetic experiment that took the form of a scrappy gallery on the Lower East Side of New York City (2011–12). His art criticism and long-form interviews with artists and writers have appeared in The Brooklyn Rail, San Francisco Art Quarterly, The Village Voice, and Art in America, and others. He teaches and is the faculty liaison at the Bruce High Quality Foundation University (BHQFU), a free experimental art school in the East Village. At BHQFU he is currently developing a sequence of "foundations" courses that connect basic elements of making and looking at art with their larger emotional, philosophical, and poetic dimensions — beginning last spring with Color Feelings, which he cotaught with painter Nathlie Provosty, and continuing this fall with Emotional Formalism, a consciousness-raising group for the formal analysis of visual art.

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