Japan Studio: A Sense of Comfort and Lightness

A Sense of Comfort and Lightness

This exhibition is a documentation of the many ideas, some embraced others discarded, (and several still earnestly waiting on the sidelines) that provided the foundation for the Department of Architecture Japan Studio's final competition entry to the sixth LIXIL International University Architectural Competition in Hokkaido, Japan: Thicket. It is a categorization of the studio's collective exploration of the themes of comfort and lightness; of ephemerality, softness, and mist; of inflatables, transformation, ethereality, movability; and flexibility of the senses, seasonality, the number five, domesticity, and warmth. The amalgamation of many individual ideas into a handful of distinct projects favors not the singular but the process, and in so doing this exhibition reveals the good and the bad, the setbacks and the leaps forward, and recognizes the contributions that were made by the many.

As a non-hierarchical display of the everything, whether it is a Bristol model, a final render, or a full-scale bamboo detail, these are seen as complementary representations working toward the final project. The inspiration, the maybes, the "oh nothings," the what-makes-up-the-thing, and finally this exhibition, all of this and more displayed here suggests another beginning, and perhaps for another time. It is a tangled endeavor and a thicket onto itself.

Presented by Professor Andrea Simitch with Lorena del Río and the students of the Department of Architecture Japan Studio: Kam Chi Cheng, Christopher Chown, Brian Hong, Takuma Johnson, Alex Jopek, Xinran Ke, Laura Kimmel, John Lai, Kate Daye Lee, Sophie Nichols, Daphany Shen, Danwei Wang, Xinyu Yi, Yutian Zhang.

With special thanks to Cornell AAP and the Department of Architecture, Roberto Bertoia, Iñaqui Carnicero, Patrick Charles, Adelheid Christian-Zechner, Timur Dogan, Dagur Eggertsson, Jack Elliott, Mikhail Grinwald, Juan Hinestroza, Kent Hubbell, Paul Laroque, Ángel Martinez Garcia-Posada, David Eugin Moon, Mark Morris, Caroline O’Donnell, Val Warke, Sasa Zivkovic.

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