James Stroud: Print viewing and workshop

James Stround is an artist, master printer, and publisher. In 1984, he opened the Center Street Studio in Gloucester, Massachusetts with the two-fold goal of doing what he loves while creating a viable career path for himself. He invites artists to the studio to collaborate on work that he publishes using the techniques of woodcut, intaglio, and monotype printmaking. These collaborations have explored a range of conceptual and technical practices yielding a visual sensibility that is distinctively the studio's own.


Faculty Print Studio, 10–11 a.m.

On display will be original examples of large-scale color woodcut and intaglio prints as well as variable edition monotypes from a collection of prints developed in collaboration with artists during the 25-year history of the Center Studio in the Boston area.


Intaglio Print Studio, 11 a.m.–1 p.m.

Demonstration of a variety of master practices related to the development of large scale multiple and unique print practices. In this session, Stroud will focus on the monotype as a means of variable 'takes' using this press-based painterly process. Demonstration will include a discussion and representation of a variety of monotype techniques that take advantage of 'ghost' or 'cognate' images.

Supported in part by the Department of Art and the Hans Bethe House
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