James Biber: EXPO Milano 2015: USA Pavilion

USA Pavilion

James Biber received his B.Arch. from Cornell AAP in 1976. Upon graduation he received the Matthew DelGaudio Award, the Shreve Fund Award, and the James Eidlitz Traveling Fellowship.

After becoming a senior associate at Paul Segal Associates, in 1984 he established James Biber Architect. Biber's notable projects include Gotham Bar and Grill (designed while at Paul Segal Associates), Mesa Grill, and Bolo Bar and Restaurant, which launched the careers of Alfred Portale and Bobby Flay. In 1991, Biber became a partner at the international design firm Pentagram Design in New York City. He left in October 2010 to establish his own New York-based studio, Biber Architects.

Biber's most recent project is the USA Pavilion for the 2015 Milan Expo. According to the firm's website, "Our design for the current Expo, in Milan, is a response to the latest U.S. pavilions and a gesture of openness, transparency, and accessibility. The entire Expo is themed 'Feed the Planet, Energy for Life,' devoted to food — global, local, and personal. The USA Pavilion, named American Food 2.0, United to Feed the Planet, shows just how engaged the U.S. is in global food security, food innovation, and has become a center for the best food on the planet. . . . The pavilion itself is a scaffolding for ideas, a rethinking of the nature of the Expo pavilion and of America as a force in the food world."

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