Jae Haeng Rhee: Joeun Universe — The Good Cosmos

Blue ink drawings of a bumblebee on top of a turtle, with Korean text characters in between them on a white background.

image / provided

This show explores infatuation with an individual person (significant other, best friend, cultural celebrity, etc.) as a microcosm. I believe any person has an infinite potential for variegated self-manifestation based on interactions with others, as well as objects and places. Joeun is the name of my fiancé. Her name, serendipitously, means "good" in Korean. In this show, titled Joeun (good) Universe, I survey figural representation of endless possible narratives/scenarios/creatures that manifest the infinite variety of Being — in Scholastic theology, Being and Good are one — in the internal/external universe(s). This show is dedicated to Joeun Kim, my Beatrice and my better half.

— Jae Haeng Rhee (B.F.A. '23)

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