Jackie Stluka (B.Arch. '07): Metropolis Geologies and Postscript

The Cornell Council for the Arts recently awarded the 2007 Cornell University Undergraduate Artist Award to Jacqueline Stluka (B.Arch. '07). 

The exhibition Metropolis Geologies and Postscript will be made up of a catalog of 8 sets of sample maps, footnotes, and blind reliefs completed in May 2007 as Stluka's undergraduate thesis in Architecture, under the guidance of Andrea Simitch, Department of Architecture, and Buzz Spector, Department of Art.

Stluka describes the exhibition as a catalogue and documentary of exploration, in which "these 'metropolis geologies' are venue for a proclamation of the intrinsic powers embedded in the rambling narrative of objects made strange. The film postscript serves as performance conducted by the architectural archeologist. By releasing the findings of the catalogue in film, the work recasts the commonplace with the body language and attitude of paradoxical elements. With this exposure, the viewer may now demonstrate a deep interest in the mechanisms that animate the universe of objects."

The Cornell University Undergraduate Artist Award is presented annually to a student who demonstrates distinction and excellence in the arts. Stluka was chosen for her achievements as an artist, student of architecture, filmmaker, and apparel designer. In 2004, Stluka was honored with the Seipp Prize, and, in 2002, she received a Golden Key Award in Painting.

An award presentation and opening for an Stluka's accompanying exhibition Metropolis Geologies and Postscript will be held on Monday, October 1st, at 5:00 pm, in Tjaden Hall's Experimental Gallery.

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