J. P. Sniadecki: Chaiqian/Demolition Film Screening and Filmmaker's Talk

Men squatting while eating at a demolition site

Video still from Chaiqian/Demolition.

International Studies in Planning Fall 2014 Lecture Series

A filmmaker, anthropologist, and assistant professor of performing and media arts at Cornell University, J. P. Sniadecki produces work at the intersection of cinema and ethnography. His films screen at venues such as the Berlinale, the New York Film Festival, the Locarno Film Festival, the Edinburgh International Film Festival, the Beijing Independent Film Festival, MoMA, the Guggenheim, and the Whitney Biennal. Sniadecki also writes for academic publications and for the Canadian journal Cinema Scope. In addition to writing, he curates independent cinema from China for a series he founded, Emergent Visions. Snaidecki’s filmography includes The Iron Ministry (2014), Yumen (2013), People’s Park (2012), Foreign Parts (2010), The Yellow Bank (2010), Chaiqian/Demolition (2008), and Songhua (2007).

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