Iroha Ito and Beomki Lee: Memory – Ruins of Sublime Awareness for the Future

Ruins of Sublime Awareness for the Future

Memory is a collective work of two thesis projects, Resilience through Landscape and Architecture by Iroha Ito (M.Arch.'15) and [ME]morial by Beomki Lee (M.Arch.'15).

In collaboration with two recent graduates, Ito from Cornell's Department of Architecture and Lee from MIT SA+P, the exhibition aims to envision the resilient future from the tragic past in different scales of architecture and landscape. The March 11, 2011 Tohoku earthquakes and tsunami devastated communities of the Tohoku shore line and this event became the exhibitor's ambition to develop their research and design for their thesis projects in two different places: Cornell and MIT in fall 2014.

Memory consists of three different scales. [ME]morial, in the smallest and biggest scales of the three, dealt with a series of new concepts of memorial architecture from micro to the macro scale in existing ruins of the March 11 tsunami in Sendai City. Resilience through Landscape and Architecture focused on landscape and architectural interventions from a community scale up to a regional scale. It is a story of Memory from past to future, from personal experience to regional awareness.

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