Intro to Design Thinking Workshop

This workshop will teach participants, through design process simulation exercises, how to employ a multi-disciplinary methodology for solving complex problems creatively. Train yourself to innovate!  


Professor Tracy Brandenburg (Wells College)
Tracy Brandenburg is a trained anthropologist, semiotician, master storyteller, and Wells College Professor of Latin American Studies. She is the founder of the Wells College Innovation Laboratory where she trains future innovators in design thinking, which is a methodology that helps organizations identify breakthrough solutions to wicked problems. She also started the Wells College chapter of Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) and guides students to empower communities in need. They are currently working on a project in Kenya, Africa, the Jamba Jipya school and orphanage that currently operates as a charity and that the SIFE students are seeking to convert into a sustainable business that will help the school not only survive, but grow.

Professor Sirietta Simoncini  (Wells College)
Sirietta Simoncini is the cofounder of the Wells College Innovation Laboratory and Lecturer in Italian. An architect by training, Sirietta is a graduate of the prestigious Università luav di Venezia, and a founding partner of the design firm, InTAdesign.

Skills development sessions led by city and regional planning students are scheduled throughout the semester. These sessions will introduce you, in a single tutorial, to a variety of vital professional skills as presented by fellow students with related knowledge and expertise hard-earned from professional career experiences.

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