Hither Yon: The Spherical Book

Whether civilization is transforming through existing conditions or beginning anew upon a tabula rasa, the accumulated design of the physical and intellectual environment is a fully interrelated web. And with this notion prominently embedded in our minds, at this present moment, the universe places before us a single undefined object. A sphere, of unknown origin. Sitting on the level ground at a manageable size, the only familiar trait is that of a book: an object to relay knowledge, but through no recognizable methodology within its new found and unsuspecting human setting. The unexpected discovery of an alien object would set in motion completely diverse pathways of resonant interactions. Assuming the role of explorers and settlers, we will set out to revive and reinterpret this multi-faceted environment in facilitating the discovery of an entirely new object of design: the spherical book.

Contributors: Eric Ross Bernstein (B.Arch. '11), Jeremy Collins Burke (B.Arch. '11), Kirk N. Finkel (B.Arch. '11), Michael S. Lee (B.Arch. '11)

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