High-Poverty Neighborhoods in Metropolitan America: Trends, Causes, and Policy Responses

Department of City and Regional Planning Professional Planning Colloquium

Rolf Pendall is the director of the Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center at the Urban Institute in Washington, DC. Pendall leads a team of more than 40 researchers in studies of housing and homelessness, community development, metropolitan growth, performance measurement, and infrastructure. He currently directs the Institute's evaluation of the first five implementation sites for the HUD Choice Neighborhoods demonstration; a HUD-funded research project on how low-income people with housing vouchers balance housing, neighborhood, and transportation; research on metropolitan growth and resilience sponsored by the MacArthur Foundation; and an investigation for Living Cities of the silo-busting impact of the federal Partnership for Sustainable Communities. Pendall served as faculty in Department of City and Regional Planning from 1998 to 2010.

Pendall's talk will show how rising poverty has played out in American neighborhoods in higher concentrated poverty, mainly in central cities, and also in rising suburban poverty.

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