Harriet Tregoning: Channeling Growth in the Nation's Capital

Seminar on International Planning

Channeling Growth in the Nation's Capital: Achieving the Attributes of a Globally Competitive City

Harriet Tregoning is the director of Washington, DC’s Office of Planning, where she works to make DC a walkable, bikeable, vibrant, eminently livable, globally competitive, and sustainable city. Previously, she was the director of the Governors’ Institute on Community Design and cofounder, with former Maryland governor Parris Glendening, and executive director of the Smart Growth Leadership Institute. Tregoning developed her expertise in state-level action in the state of Maryland where she served under Governor Glendening as both secretary of planning and as the nation's first state-level cabinet secretary for smart growth. Prior to her tenure in Maryland state government, Tregoning was the director of development, community, and environment at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Tregoning’s academic training is in engineering and public policy. She was a Loeb Fellow at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design 2003–2004.

Cosponsored by the Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies

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