Hans Kollhoff: Works

four story white building with stairs leading down to a large lawn

Work by Hans Kollhoff. photo / provided

Hans Kollhoff opened his own studio with Arthur Ovaska in Berlin in 1978, and since 1984 has run the studio in partnership with Helga Timmermann. He now has offices in The Netherlands, Switzerland, and Italy in addition to Berlin. He has been the president of the Internationale Bauakademie Berlin since 2004, and was a professor of design and construction at ETH Zürich/Switzerland from 1987 to 2012. Kollhoff graduated from the University of Karlsruhe, and also studied at the Technical University of Vienna and Cornell.


Ricordare l'Architettura: The Urban Villa

Some 40 years ago, O. M. Ungers organized a Cornell summer school in Berlin titled The Urban Villa, assisted by Arthur Ovaska and Hans Kollhoff. In a certain way it confronted polemically the morphological design approach with functionalistic ideology of post-war Germany. At that time there was an interest in interpreting historic precedents of the urban building type as subsidized multifamily houses. Having built numerous social housing projects in Germany and throughout Europe, today Kollhoff finds himself constructing urban villas in a traditional way — with ever increasing excitement.

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