Group Show: Scorched Earth

Camouflaged satellite and  part of a train in green, black, brown, and white colors, with bare trees behind.

Screenshot of Shapeshift (2016), a short film by Brian McKenna and Anika Schwarzlose.

Scorched Earth invites international artists that are exploring the relationships of postcolonialism, war policy, international commerce, and trade routes in transnational dialogue through mixed media while investigating the mediums as a documenting and archiving device. The exhibition is curated by Ege Okal (M.F.A. '20) and includes the following artists:

  • Erhan Can Akbulut
  • Bruno Cançado (M.F.A. '19)
  • Ata Kam
  • Brian McKenna
  • Ege Okal (M.F.A. '20)
  • Anika Schwarzlose
  • Uygar Önder Şimşek
Scorched Earth is funded in part by the Cornell Council for the Arts.

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