Group Show: Pinch Point

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Pinch Point is an exhibition of work by current M.F.A. students. Artists with work on display include:

  • Yasmeen Abedifard (M.F.A. '20)
  • Patrick Brennan (M.F.A. '20)
  • Bruno Cançado (M.F.A. '19)
  • Vladislav Markov (M.F.A. '19)
  • Chet Moye (M.F.A. '19)
  • Ege Okal (M.F.A. '20)
  • Brice Peterson (M.F.A. '19)
  • Libby Rosa (M.F.A. '19)
  • Ciara Stack (M.F.A. '20)
  • Sophia Starling (M.F.A. '19)
  • Emma Ulen-Klees (M.F.A. '20)
  • Alexis White (M.F.A. '20)
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