Group Show: Page Turner

Black background with white cut-out cursive letters spelling 'page turner'.

The evolving language of printmaking is a hybrid vocabulary of newly available materials, tools, and methods with traditional techniques constantly expanding the concept of the printed edition and facilitating new explorations of scale, content, and presentation. The students in this exhibition are encouraged, like many contemporary artists working in print media, to define printmaking in their own terms by maintaining traditional and experimental platemaking, digital printing and fabricating, multiple collage and hand-finishing techniques, and approaches for successfully merging a cornucopia of disparate methods into statements through prints. This notion also applies Artist's Book and the Objects as Multiple (Print Media classes), which continues to expand the definition of an edition in new and exciting forms.

Page Turner features artwork from the following artists:

  • Priya Blair '20
  • Natalie Butkevitch '20
  • William Demaria (B.F.A. '20)
  • Julianne Hunter, AAP's printmaking specialist
  • Bum Jin Kim (B.F.A. '20)
  • Ian Pica Limbaseanu (B.Arch. '19)
  • Isabel Ling (B.S. URS '19)
  • Lucy Plowe (B.F.A. '20)
  • Jake Puglisi (B.F.A. '20)
  • Laura Robert, Cornell Library (retired)
  • Libby Rosa (M.F.A. '19)
  • Duncan Steele (B.Arch. '20)
  • George Tsourounakis (M.Arch. '20)
  • Emma Ulen-Klees (M.F.A. '20)
  • Aiden Walker (B.F.A. '20)
  • Christina Welzer (B.F.A. '19)
  • Daisy Wiley, instruction and outreach support specialist, Mann Library
  • Lauren Williams (B.F.A. '21)
  • Michelle Wu (B.F.A. '20)
  • Andrew Yuen (B.Arch '20)
  • Sarah Zhang (B.F.A. '20)
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