Group Show: Identity and the Global Lens

prints from Identity and the Global Lens

Chromogenic prints by (clockwise from left) Naima Kazmi, Noa Wesley, Sally Choe, Larissa Castellano, Jeeah Eom, Quinn Uesugi, and Alli Plache (2015).

This exhibition will feature work completed in the fall 2015 class, ART 3601 Identity and the Global Lens, by:

  • Larissa Castellano (B.A. '18) 
  • Sally Choe (B.F.A. '16) 
  • Jeeah Eom (B.F.A. '18) 
  • Naima Kazmi (B.F.A. '17) 
  • Alli Plache (B.F.A. '18) 
  • Quinn Uesugi (M.L.A. '17) 
  • Noa Wesley (B.S. '17)

The class investigated the visual representation of identity in contemporary culture while considering the impact of global perspectives on the understanding and interpretation of self through the lens of race, gender, and geography.

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