Group Show: Gross Domestic Product

Image of yellow lemon shaped objects on a wooden floor with cement potted bamboo sticks in them.

Gross Domestic Product is a group show that acts as a sequel to an exhibition by a group of artists that took place in Oakland, California, in 2017 titled Touch Move. Both shows emerge from a long-distance dialog between the artists that has resulted in an investigation of the blurry lines connecting architectural intervention, illusionistic space, materiality, functionality, appropriation, the domestic, and corporate language. The title Gross Domestic Product points to these references with a nod towards the humor, grossness, and domestic qualities of studio production.

Featured artists include:

  • Lisa Rybovich Crallé, University of California–Davis
  • Bessie Kunath, University of California–Santa Barbara
  • Emma Spertus, Hunter College
  • Richard Zimmerman (M.F.A. '18)

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