Group Show: A Dot Between the Line

A black circle with the words 'A Dog Between the Line' written in it.

A Dot Between The Line is a group exhibition that features a selection of works that use, define, and investigate drawing in various ways.

Featured artists include:

  • Kate Huffman (M.F.A. '18)
  • Alexander Jahani (M.F.A. '18)
  • Vladislav Markov (M.F.A. '19)
  • Sharon Norwood, Florida State University
  • Gabriel Ramos (M.F.A. '18)
  • Libby Rosa (M.F.A. '19)
  • Charles Sommer, City University of New York–Brooklyn College
  • Sophia Starling (M.F.A. '19)
  • Richard Zimmerman (M.F.A. '18)
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