Group Show: Book/mark

White parallelogram next to a salmon colored parallelogram with the words 'Book/mark, artist' books at Cornell'.

Book/mark, curated by Brice Peterson (M.F.A. '19), features artists' books from current Cornell graduate and undergraduate students as well as Cornell staff and local artists. Additional materials from the Fine Arts Library's collection were selected with the help of Marsha Taichman, visual resources and public services librarian. Artists and writers in the exhibition include:

  • Eli Anin, Columbia University
  • Yasmeen Abedifard (M.F.A. '20)
  • Patrick Brennan (M.F.A. '20)
  • Edith Fikes, AAP Communications 
  • Carla Leisching, M.F.A., Ithaca College
  • Dong Huan Tony Li (B.F.A. '19)
  • Alice Mercier '19
  • Chet Moye (M.F.A. '19)
  • Ege Okal (M.F.A. '20)
  • Brice Peterson (M.F.A. '19)
  • Libby Rosa (M.F.A. '19)
  • Nicolina Schonfarber, M.F.A., Ithaca College
  • Ciara Stack (M.F.A. '20)
  • Clayton Skidmore (M.F.A. '17)
  • Luca Spano (M.F.A. '16)
  • Bill Staffeld, AAP photographer
  • Sophia Starling (M.F.A. '19)
  • Emma Ulen-Klees (M.F.A. '20)
  • Lauren Valchuis (B.F.A. '11)
  • Alexis White (M.F.A. '20)
  • Robert Whitehead, Washington University

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