Group Show: Afterwardsness

A human skull floating against a solid grey background with a darker grey colored water color being poured over it.

Shane Farrell, video still from Cosmic Debt (2018).

Afterwardsness refers to Freud's theory, also translated as aprés-coup, of a belated understanding of past psychological phenomena. The artists included work in practices involving video, painting, drawing, and sculpture and deal with issues surrounding gender, surrealism, obsession, and the post-digital body. 

Artists include:

  • Jacob Broussard, Yale University
  • Cameron Coffman, UCLA
  • Shane Farrell, SUNY Buffalo
  • Chris Lucius, University of Tennessee
  • Brice Peterson (M.F.A. '19)
  • Libby Rosa (M.F.A. '19)

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