Greg Peckham: Venture Capital Design

Many diverse people gathered around a fountain in an urban public space.

Public Square, Cleveland, Ohio. photo / Sahar Coston-Hardy

Glenn H. Beyer Memorial Lecture

Greg Peckham is executive director of Land Studio, a Cleveland-based nonprofit dedicated to revitalizing urban areas by leading thoughtful design, creating vibrant places, and promoting public spaces. He leads teams of professionals working in the areas of landscape design, public art, neighborhood planning, and urban redevelopment. He works with community groups, elected officials, artists, and designers to plan and implement projects in the urban core and surrounding city neighborhoods. Through this work, Peckham maintains a strong commitment to citizen participation in urban planning efforts. A few of his interests include urban policy focused on arts and culture, infrastructure, and community development.


The transformation of Cleveland's urban landscape has been powered by a unique, more than 30-year collaboration involving the city's nonprofit, philanthropic, and public sector agencies. Early philanthropic investments in the design of strategic public space projects have raised the bar for civic design and elevated citizen participation in urban planning. Land Studio is Cleveland's leading nonprofit dedicated to the planning, design, development, and activation of vibrant public spaces across Cleveland. Land plays a critical role as the hinge between world-class artists and designers, civic leaders, grassroots community groups, and elected officials. The organization's work can be seen in the city's highest-profile downtown spaces as well as its most struggling neighborhoods. This program will focus on how early investments in design have catalyzed more than $100 million in public spaces that are helping to revitalize all corners of the city.

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