Goyal Receives AAUW Selected Professions Fellowship Award

July 8, 2016

Anamika Goyal (M.Arch. '17) was recently honored with a Selected Professions Fellowship award from the American Association of University Women.

Goyal, who received her B.S. in biology from Duke University in 2011, is focused on interdisciplinary methods in her thesis research. "This research will give me a deep understanding of where the field is today, how to begin shifting it, and how to couple the skills of architects with experts in other fields to address global-scale problems," she says. "My thesis will test the possibilities for construction technologies and serve as an initial investigation of how simple industrial construction methods used widely by other industries can democratize architectural design. It is time for architects to take wisdom from other fields to find new solutions to today's pressing global issues." 

Architecture Department Chair and Nathaniel and Margaret Owings Professor of Architecture Mark Cruvellier believes the opportunity that the AAUW fellowship offers is a vital resource for emerging women leaders in the field of architecture, such as Goyal. "Anamika's interest in public service paired with her skills and determination as a designer have the potential to make her a powerful force in the field of architecture," says Cruvellier. 

The AAUW scholarship award is meaningful to Goyal. "In this country and especially around the globe, there is still tremendous inequality for women in many fields," she says. "I feel that working to my full potential is the best way to create equality in the profession, and I will continue to do so throughout my career."

AAUW is one of the nation's largest sources of private funding exclusively for educational programs that directly benefit women and girls, and awards fellowships and grants to more than 200 women each year. The Selected Professions Fellowship award supports women pursuing careers in nontraditional fields.

By Patti Witten

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