Giovanna Rossato: Amphibious Paradox

Cornell in Rome Fall 2012 Lecture Series

Giovanna Rossato is an architect with experience in academics and professional practice. Since 2009, she has been the design manager for an Italian company, Archest s.r.l., in the city of Atyrau, Kazakhstan. Rossato also serves as the project manager and conceptual designer of masterplans, development strategies, architecture, urban space, and floating homes for the firm's projects outside of Kazakhstan. Prior to joining Archest s.r.l., Rossato worked on various projects in the United Arab Emirates, England, Ireland, Kazakhstan, and South Korea. Rossato has taught at universities in Italy, Turkey, and Kazakhstan. She holds a Ph.D. in design from Università Iuav di Venezia, focusing on amphibious architecture.

Rossato's lecture will focus on Venice, which is the amphibious paradox par excellence. The character and physiognomy of this city were born in the lagoon system, which served as the original natural and pre-architectural condition, effecting and delineating an architectural and urban system in the water with an element of anarchy that spurns the notion of shape. Can Venice become the model to be desumed for an architectural and urban construction on the water? Which architectural and urban elements can be assumed from Venice? And how will these architectures combine to build a new urban fact?

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