Gianni Dessì

Fall 2014 Special Lecture

Gianni Dessì received his first artistic education at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma, getting a degree in scenography with Toti Scialoia.

In the mid-1970s he collaborated with the avant-garde theatre. His first solo shows were in the 1980s at Galleria Ferranti, Rome, and Ivon Lambert, Paris, while in 1981 he participated with Ceccobelli and Gallo in several important group shows abroad.

Dessì established his studio in the Pastificio Cerere, and participated at Atelier, curated by Achille Bonito Oliva. He participated in the Venice Biennale (1984,1986 1993) and the Quadriennale di Roma (1986, 1996).

His work features a great chromatic sobriety, given by various interventions on canvas, such as tearings, etchings, juxtaposition of planes and insertion of various materials.

In the mid 1980s his work becomes animated by a new relationship with color that lights up in the works Campione (1988), Camera Picta (1991)

In 2003, Dessì presented sculptural works for the first time, at the Galleria dell'Oca, Rome, beginning in his work an interesting dialogue between painting and sculpture, which was well represented in 2006 in the show held at the Macro in Rome.

In 2009 he exhibited at the Mart, Rovereto, Italy.

He keeps in continuous contact with the theatrical world, realizing scenes for the Parsifal (with the direction of Peter Stein, and musical direction by Claudio Abbado) at the Salzburg Festival, and the scenes for the Castle of Barbablù represented at Teatro alla Scala di Milano, and Het Muziektheatre in Amsterdam.

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