Gianfranco Baruchello and Fondazione Baruchello: Art and Its Challenge as an Ecology and Education Experiment

Gianfranco Baruchello

Gianfranco Baruchello photo / Fondazione Baruchello

Gianfranco Baruchello was an active member of the European avant-garde movement during the 1960s. Much like Marcel Duchamp with whom he was a close friend, Baruchello took pleasure in using found forms and objects. Driven by social utopias, he sought those connecting moments in art and science, life and art. He accomplished this fusion within different artistic media. Baruchello also found his way to film. In 1964, he produced the 16-mm film Verifica incerta, which he assembled from found footage. Working with video and the experimental possibilities of this medium took on greater meaning for him throughout the 1970s and 1980s.

Following Baruchello's participation in various international artists' movements the next logical step was the founding of a rural commune, the Agricola Cornelia S.p.A., in 1973. This was an expression of his ecological consciousness, the goal of which was the synergistic fusing of agriculture and art. He thus went further than many other contemporary artists who, though similarly inclined, ultimately failed to go beyond theoretical discourse. Numerous works of art in the exhibition testify to the current significance of thematic complexes, such as ecology and sustainability, themes that Baruchello introduced to art at an earlier stage.

Carla Subrizi is professor of contemporary art history at the Sapienza Rome University. She is the president of the Baruchello Foundation. Her publications include: Azioni che cambiamo il mondo (Milan, 2012), Introduzione a Duchamp (Rome-Bari, 2008), Cesare Viel. Azioni 1996–2007 (Cinesello Balsamo, 2008), Europa e America, 1945–1985 (Rome, 2008), and Imagine / Image (Rome-London 2007). She has organized and curated workshops, conferences, and exhibitions in Italy and abroad. Recent exhibitions include: Verifica Incerta - Documents & Souvenirs (Paris, 2014), Duchamp Re-Made in Italy (Rome, 2014), Baruchello. Certe idee (Rome, 2012), and Camuflajes (Madrid, 2009).

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