George Homsy: Powering Sustainability: Municipal Utilities and Local Government Policymaking

George Homsy, an assistant professor in the Department of Public Administration at Binghamton University, researches the factors that shape sustainability programs and planning policies at the municipal level. He is coprincipal investigator (with Mildred Warner) on a project funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture examining the ways that rural communities balance the environmental, economic, and equity dimensions of sustainability. Homsy frequently links his academic research to practice through collaborations with the International City/County Management Association and American Planning Association. Homsy received his Ph.D. from Cornell's Department of City and Regional Planning. Before that, as a planning consultant with an M.R.P. from Cornell, he helped municipalities create environmentally and economically sustainable communities. He began his investigation of these issues as a journalist with the public radio newsmagazine Living on Earth, which he cofounded and coproduced.

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