Gallery invitation for Cornell in Rome students

June 2, 2010

Four Cornell in Rome students were invited to show their work at a Parco Meda, a local Roman gallery on two Sundays in May. The students, Eric Bernstein (B.Arch. ’11), Emily Soo Mi Choi (B.F.A. ‘11), Taery Kim (B.F.A. ‘11), and Michael Lee (B.Arch. ’11), and their professor Luana Perilli who helped organize the show with Micol Di Veroli, an independent curator, sought to take advantage of the welcoming atmosphere in Rome for young foreign art and architecture students.

“It is very important for Cornell students to step out into the Roman art scene and get feedback from the professionals involved,” says Perilli. “Rome is more and more becoming an active city for contemporary art, with many museums, galleries, and foundations to support these artists, as well as independent spaces and lots of young curators and artists. This experience is proof that Rome, besides its rich historical side, brings real opportunities to young artists. ”

The students expressed enthusiasm about the show and their semester in the Rome program. “I’m hoping this is the first step of something bigger, but either way I’ve met amazing people and learned valuable lessons about the life of an artist,” says Bernstein and Lee commented, “I have been fortunate to find great opportunities during my year in Rome. This just goes to show that whoever is willing to put in the work, will get results.”

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