Gabriel Hohag and Chris Leonberg: Intimate Indifference

A collaborative revisitation, the lens through which we return to these works deals with the relationship of the body (of both creator and viewer) to the object and the space.

In Chris's work, an attitude of indifferent inclusion of icons of pop-culture and products of mass-prduction and consumption, seeks to accommodate many inputs, many references, and many systems. In this attempt to please all, a degree of separation is formed because of a lack of specificity in how the viewer relates to the objects.

At the core of Gabriel's work is an intimate relationship of the creator to the object, being focused and tactilely connected to the raw materials which are shaped into the works. Through patient processes to achieve a single or simple purpose, the works grow from that close relationship and manifest at a certain point of maturity. As in the model of Rubin's vase, one body of work doesn't exist without the presence of its counterpoint. To take an indifferent attitude about an issue, one already has defined the intimate and turned from it. To see intimacy, one must acknowledge the significant background which frames it.

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