Full Scale

Black and white photo of men working on the Buckey Ball

photo / provided

Ingrained in the culture that is architecture at Cornell AAP is the desire to build and make. From small-scale models, installations, and architecture, the exhibition Full Scale highlights recent design-build projects led by current faculty. From conceptual design through the physical construction, the collaboration between students and faculty on these projects allows for both the students to have different experiences not typically part of the curriculum and for faculty to experiment and research at the full scale. It is a learning process that can only be understood through the physical making of an architecture, from the aggregation of plywood, the connection details of 3D printing, to the tensioning of fabric to create a dynamic event space. Full Scale also tells the story of those behind the project, giving insight into the personalities of all those who work on producing the architecture that is in itself uniquely Cornell.

This spirt will be celebrated further with the design-build platform to be constructed on top of Rand Hall. Every few years a new team of students builds a classroom as part of the ongoing research and collaboration in physical making that Cornell is so proud of, as Buckminster Fuller once built one of his geometric domes on the very same roof almost 70 years ago.

This exhibition was curated by Christopher A. Battaglia (M.Arch. '17) and Takuma Johnson (B.Arch. '17).

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