Forester and Reardon Publish Book Chronicling Rebuilding Efforts in Post-Katrina New Orleans

November 23, 2015

book coverRebuilding Community after Katrina: Transformative Education in the New Orleans Planning Initiative (Temple University Press, 2015), the latest book by CRP Professor John Forester and Ken Reardon (Ph.D. CRP '90), details the lessons learned from the partnership that emerged between CRP and ACORN Housing after Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans in 2005.

The editors weave together participants' voices to show how the partnership combined careful, technical analysis with aggressive community outreach and organizing. Examining the promises and pitfalls of ambitious community-university partnerships, Rebuilding Community after Katrina also presents insights that reveal the challenges involved in changing the way politicians and analysts imagined the future of New Orleans's devastated Ninth Ward.

The book raises questions about the appropriate role of outsiders in community-based planning processes, and it highlights lessons about community planning, organizational relationships, and team building across multi-cultural lines.

Forester coedited the book with Reardon, who is a professor and director of the graduate program in urban planning and community development at the University of Massachusetts–Boston, and was formerly an associate professor and chair of CRP.

Contributors include: Efrem Bycer (B.S. URS '09), Forester, Richard Hayes (M.R.P. '76, Ph.D. CRP '77), Marcel Ionescu-Heroiu (M.R.P. '05, Ph.D. CRP '08), Praj Kasbekar (M.R.P. '07), Richard Kiely, Crystal Lackey Launder (M.R.P. '07), David Lessinger (M.R.P. '07), Sarah McKinley (M.R.P. '08), Anisa Mendizabal (M.R.P. '11), Reardon, Brian Rosa (M.R.P. '08), Andrew Rumbach (M.R.P. '08, Ph.D. CRP '11), and Joanna Winter (M.R.P. '09).

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