Flux Navigations: Envisioning the Southeast Asian City

This exhibition presents a selection of digital works produced in the 201​4 Flux Navigations interdisciplinary seminar, which brought together students from architecture, city planning, landscape architecture, anthropology, and Asian and religious studies, and was taught by assistant professors Jeremy Foster, architecture, and Arnika Fuhrmann, Asian studies.

The projects represented here make use of content gathered during a field trip the seminar participants made to Vietnam, Thailand, and Hong Kong, in September 2014. Students with widely varying experience of working with digital media were asked to create projects exploring the aesthetic impacts of globalization in these Southeast Asian countries using relational concepts like performativity, affect, and spectrality.

The seminar, field trip, and exhibition were cosponsored by AAP and the Society for the Humanities, and funded by the Andrew D. Mellon Foundation. The Mellon Collaborative Studies in Architecture, Urbanism, and the Humanities brings together faculty and students from multiple disciplines to examine the city and its many representations, sharing and exploring methodologies, technologies, and pedagogies in the study of the urban condition.

Students: Nicolas Azel (M.L.A/M.R.P. '16), Ryan Buyco (Ph.D. Asian studies '20), Anamika Goyal (M.Arch. '16), Gabriel Halili (M.R.P. '15), Emily Hong (Ph.D. anthropology '18), Alexander McGrath (M.R.P. '15), Sophie Nichols (M.Arch. '16), Chairat Polmuk (Ph.D. Asian studies '21), Emiko Stock (Ph.D. anthropology '20), Taru Ruchi (M.R.P. '15), Elizabeth Wijaya (Ph.D. comparative literature '19), and Nari Yoon (Ph.D. Asian studies '16).

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