Flux: Between the Ideal and the Real Exhibit

Central to the first-year studio is the use of the nine-square problem as a device to navigate between the ideal and the real. Point, line, surface, and volume as components and systems of architecture are sequentially processed through various mediums of representation to address conceptual ideals and tactile realities. With each translation from an analog 2D drawing, to a digital 2D drawing, to a physical 2D model, to a photograph, and to a physical 3D model, the ideal and the real is constantly negotiated and adjusted as a transformational operation to explore its intrinsic and extrinsic architectural opportunities. The materials exhibited constitute the first part of the studio. Strategies explored here will be incorporated into the creation of body armor in the second half of the studio.

The exhibition was coordinated by professors Dagmar Richter and Yehre Suh and teaching associates Kyriaki Kasabalis, Tien Ling, Alexander Maymind, Konrad Scheffer, and Courtney Song.


Monday, October 4

4:30 p.m.

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